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In 1907, E. Leslie Fletcher established a practice specializing in industrial engineering in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Charles L. Thompson joined Mr. Fletcher in 1909, and on February 5, 1910, the firm incorporated as the Fletcher Thompson…

Established in 1881 by John Hall Rankin and Thomas M. Kellogg both were MIT students.

The firm was known f its Beaux-Arts style in public buildings. Rankin & Kellogg were often the recipients of large-scale public and commercial commissions.…

William Appleton Potter
He had eight brothers, one of them, Edward Tuckerman Potter was also an Architect.

Potter designed multiple buildings for Princeton University as well as municipal buildings and churches. Among his apprentices was James Brown Lord.

He was an…

Polhemus & Coffin
Henry M. Polhemus and Lewis Augustus Coffin, Jr formed the New York-based architectural firm of Polhemus & Coffin.

Together they contributed to a joint publication, Small French Buildings: The Architecture of Town and Country, with 183 plates of…

Olmstead Brothers
The Olmsted Brothers company was an influential landscape architectural firm in the United States.

Formed in 1898 by brothers John Charles Olmsted (1852–1920) and Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. (1870–1957), who were the sons of the landscape…

Architect of Symphony Auditorium.

Josiah James
Creator of the Trinity Cathedral Church, Rector & Broad Streets, Newark, Essex County, NJ
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