Father Patrick Moran


Father Patrick Moran




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Father Moran lived in Newark. He is known for his dedication to the construction of St. Patrick’s Pro Cathedral.

He chose the corner of Washington and Nesbitt Streets, now Central Avenue, as the site for the new church. The land was part of the estate of Gen. Thomas Ward and was to be sold at public auction on Oct. 26, 1846. Due to prejudice against Catholics, Father Moran feared that, if it were known that the property was wanted as a site for a Catholic church, he would not be able to purchase it. He asked five parishioners to bid separately for the various parcels.

According to some accounts, Father Moran himself drew up the plans for the church. However, scholars have noted that the finished St. Patrick’s resembles the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, designed by architect Patrick C. Keely and completed in 1848.


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