J.B. McElfatrick & Sons


J.B. McElfatrick & Sons

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Chiefly known for theatre design, this New York office was headed by John Bailey McElfatrick, who was born in Harrisburg, PA. He was joined in the practice by his two sons, John Morgan McElfatrick (who died in 1891) and William H. McElfatrick, who continued in the practice of architecture after his father's death in 1906 (Written by Sandra L. Tatman).

One of the only architectural firms in the late 1800s to make a respectable living designing theaters. Theater design was their specialty, receiving 228 commisions to build theaters in more than ninety cities from coast to coast. The typical McElfatrick theather was a boxy structure housing a fan-shaped auditorium with side boxes and one or two balconies, a proscenium stage, and remarkable backstage space and dressing rooms. McElfatrick designed the Majestic Theatre in Jersey City, New Jersey



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