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F.A.I.A. - An architect,( 1874- 1936) He was born in Newark in 1874. Following a course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he began practice in Newark. He
designed many apartment houses and churches, and specialized in the buildings of…

He had eight brothers, one of them, Edward Tuckerman Potter was also an Architect.

Potter designed multiple buildings for Princeton University as well as municipal buildings and churches. Among his apprentices was James Brown Lord.

He was an…

Creator of the Trinity Cathedral Church, Rector & Broad Streets, Newark, Essex County, NJ

architect, founder of the firm in Newark

Cass Gilbert was an architect most famous for designing the Woolworth building in NYC, that was completed in 1913. At the time of its completion, the Woolworth building was the tallest building in the world. Gilbert designed the Essex County…
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