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Market St looking from Court House in 1961.jpg
Market St looking E from Court House. Kasen's parts, Moss, furniture store, adam's, LB, row of businesses

W. Market street and Lyric Theater.jpg
Looking E at N side W. Market cor Beacon. Lyric Theater-Newark News. seafood bar, snyder hats, men's clothes shop, lyric, theater, newark news.

Market st & 7th St in 1962.jpg
Junction W Market St, S 7th St, looking SE. american, gas station, amoco, billboard, taylor taste, tilden brakes

308-316 Market St in 1960.jpg
308-316 Market St, McCarter Hwy to Penn RR Depot (Alling Street. Imperial Whiskey, Mutual of Omaha, Kay's jewelry, Penn Bar and grill, package express and travel agency, Glass and Wohl Inc

270 Market in 1960.jpg
270 Market. Comet Hotel, SW cor Lawrence St. Comet Hotel, Surplus sales, Clothing store, Deluxe Sign, shoppers parking, fire escape

246-248-250 Market St in 1960.jpg
Century Loan, clothing shop, electrical equipment, street parked cars, street light

230-228-226 Market St at the 1960s.jpg
Jersey janitor suppl, Jay's, Lost our lease, Hollywood clothes, gas appliance distributors, no u turn.

226 to 214 Market St at the 1960s.jpg
226 to 214 Market St at the 1960s, model shop, hollywood clothes, no parking, amusements, snack bar, street light

City Hall 1906-01.jpg
The Beaux Art city hall was designed by John H. And Wilson Ely and built of granite and marble. Began in 1903, completed 1906.

Newark Post Office.jpg
Exterior photo of the main Newark post office building at 2 Federal Square.
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