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W. Market and Central Ave in 1963.jpg
Looking N at W. Market from roof of bank building cor Central Ave. billboard, construction site, coca cola truck, amster's tavern, parking lot, r.a mcdonough and co

Broad St at military park in 1960.jpg
Broad St looking S from First Baptist Peddie Mem. Church. Gray's, sidewalk, S Klein, Weiss, Hahne & Co, street parked cars, Prudential

Broad St In 1960.jpg
Broad St looking n from First Baptist Peddie Mem. Church. Lauter Pianos, people standing, fire hydrant, taxi, vincove, restaurant, liquor store, traffic light.

308-316 Market St in 1960.jpg
308-316 Market St, McCarter Hwy to Penn RR Depot (Alling Street. Imperial Whiskey, Mutual of Omaha, Kay's jewelry, Penn Bar and grill, package express and travel agency, Glass and Wohl Inc

Horses on Broad Street 1976.jpg
Man with two horses riding south on Broad Street in Newark.

Mulberry Street Re-Opening 2005.jpg
Joined by NJ Transit, county, and city dignitaries, Newark Mayor Sharpe James (in the hardhat) cuts the ribbon to ceremonially re-open Mulberry Street on January 4, 2005. After 18 months of construction beneath the closed street, the first rail…

Imprinted Decorative Crosswalk program 2003.jpg
A close-up of a crew working on a new crosswalk for the City of Newark's Imprinted Decorative Crosswalk Program. The new crosswalks will enhance the beauty of Newark's streets while adding to their safety for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Broad & Clinton 1916_2016.jpg
Newark in 1916 versus Newark in 2016. New Image copyright Myles Zhang 2016, older image from Newark Public Library.

Ironbound Voices_Nov1990.jpg
Title page of the free Tri-Lingual Ironbound Voices, vol 13, No 7. November 1990
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