787 Broad Street


787 Broad Street


"787 Broad Street is a two story, five bay, masonry, corner commercial building, attached on the north and west to the 'Lshaped,' F.W. Woolworth building. The basically rectangular plan of this Romanesque Revival-influenced building is canted at the corner. The first story has been completely obscured by replacement storefront materials. The second story is composed of tri-partite window groups and rough-hewn limestone masonry. The corbel-supported cornice is surmounted by a parapet, and interrupted by finials that create a ragged roofline. The building is further ornamented by a variety of lowrelief geometric ornament... The building occupies an important location at the northwest corner of Broad and Market Streets, and as such is an integral part of the eligible Four Corner Historic District. Despite extensive alterations, it provides a modest example of eclectic Romanesque revival architecture in a small commercial structure. The building is stylistically reminiscent of the massive, Romanesque Revival Prudential towers, which once stood behind this small commercial building. The building is also the last remnant of this great, George Post-designed complex."

Description from:
United States Department of the Interior National Park Service. (2000). National Register of Historic Places Registration Form, Four Comers Historic District, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey (NPS Form 10-900).





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