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Newark Panorama 1957.jpg
A panorama of Newark in 1957 part of the Newark Public Library Picture Collection.

Newark- the land and the vision, 1666-1989 Poster.jpg
An exhibition at the Newark Public Library, October 16-December 31, 1989. Poster Design : George Gill. Adapted from original art by A. E. Foringer, 1916.

The B'Nai Jeshurum Temple is a school and religious temple before its demolish in May 21, 1911 it was the oldest Jewish congregation in Newark, NJ. The school was located at 783 High Street, Newark, NJ. The school building was about $275,000 to…

A summary of the Newark's economy and the goals set forth for its economic recovery.

This book summarizes a history of the city of Newark, New Jersey, embracing practically two and a half centuries, 1666-1913.

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Feasibility report for conversion of PRU II Warren street building to new student housing / prepared for Council for Higher Education in Newark [by] the Grad Partnership and George Casper Consultants, Inc.
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