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Remains Morris Canal & Plank Rd at Passaic.jpg
Remains Morris Canal & Plank Rd at Passaic looking SE from Pulaski Sky.

Aerial photograph of North and Central Wards 1950.jpg
Aerial photograph of Newark Central and North Wards, documenting the area between South Orange Avenue to south and Park Avenue to north; Branch Brook Park to east and Fairmount Cemetery to west. Map predates the 1957 construction of Route 280. A…

Proposed Newark Freeway System 1950.jpg
Map of existing and proposed freeways in Newark, including proposed Route 75 across the Central Ward, Route 280, and widened McCarter Highway. Map also illustrates the relationship between the proposed highway system and the future location of…

East-West Freeway & Route 25A Extension.jpg
Map covers area of Central and west Wards betwen New & Lock Street to Oraton Parkway in east Orange - plans to demolish parts of Branch Brook Park for freeway construction.
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