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The Stanley Theater is located in the Vailsburg section of Newark and was commissioned by the Stanley-Fabian company. Designed by local architect Frank Grad in the "atmospheric" style, this theater is important because it exemplifies a stage of…

The Newark Theatre opened in 1886 by H.C. Miner.

A gymnasium founded upon the German Turner exercise tradition of the mid-19th century that followed German immigrants to the United States. The organization also served as a German cultural center to assist recent German immigrant to Newark. The…


The Mosque Theatre opened in Newark in 1925. As part of Salaam Temple, it sat 3,500, contained a spacious orchestra pit, 19 dressing rooms, a property room, a musician's room, and a library. Modern Greek in treatment it was architecturally, " one of…


A movie theater constructed in the 1930s. By the late 1950s, the theater went by the name, the “Luxor Follies” and showed obscene movies. Eventually police and legal pressure forced the theater closed in the early 1960s and it was soon after…

Formerly stood at 115 Market Street.


Formerly stood at 252 South Orange Avenue.


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