Ernst F. Guilbert


Ernst F. Guilbert



Gilbert designed in Newark:
Central King Bldg, 1914
Cleveland School, c. 1913
Home of Ernest F. Guilbert, c. 1910
Newark Normal School, c. 1913 (Currently Technology High School)
Ridge Street School, c. 1913
East Side High School, c. 1911
Robert Treat Hotel, c. 1916
South Side High School, c. 1913 (Currently Malcolm X Shabazz High School)

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Ernest Foss Guilbert was the supervising architect of the Board of Education beginning in 1908, and a member of the firm of Guilbert & Betelle. In 1890, he went to Boston and worked with H. H. Richardson who was, at the time, designing Trinity Church. Upon his return to Chicago in 1891, he worked with Henry Ives Cobb on several of the World’s Fair buildings. He also worked in Minnesota, and soon after moving to New York in 189,9 took charge of Cass Gilbert’s office. While there he directed the preparation of the drawings for such buildings as the Union Club, United States Customs House in New York, and the Essex County Court House and the American Fire Life Insurance building in Newark. He later became manager of the office of John Russell Pope. In 1908, he was appointed the architect of the Newark Board of Education. In 1905 (1910?) he formed a partnership with James Oscar Betelle (d.1954), his associate in the New York office of Cass Gilbert and John Pope. The firm specialized in school buildings. Guilbert also taught at the Teachers College at Columbia University and was a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).


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