Colonnade and Pavillion Apartments


Colonnade and Pavillion Apartments


The Colonnade and Pavilion Apartments consist of three 22-story tall slabs occupying the edges of a large superblock bounded by Branch Brook Park, Broad Street, and Route 280. These buildings, part of a Redevelopment Plan for Newark , provide a variety of apartment sizes and transportation options for people working in the metropolitan area. Architecturally, they bear significance as an example of modularity and simplification of on-site assembly, a concept developed by Mies at the Seagram Building. Yet, in Newark, the aluminum mullions articulate a different effect from Seagram's bronze, and are a continuation of his work in Detroit.





Condition History

These buildings continue to serve a residential function and have remained largely intact, preserving the original design. However, minor alterations such as the structural fences on the rooftop of the Colonnade or interior refurnishings are not consistent with Mies' vision. Most importantly, the urban context has changed drastically in the past three decades. The Christopher Columbus Homes that complemented Mies' towers were razed in 1994 as a result of policy changes in government-subsidized housing. Despite these transformations, the Colonnade and Pavilion Apartments continue to provide an affordable alternative for the New York metropolitan region.



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