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Seth Boyden Terrace is a public housing project made up of 12 buildings.

Felix Fuld Court consists of eight, 3-story residential buildings, and a ninth building that is a central heating plant.

The Christopher Columbus Homes were a public housing complex located between High Street and Eighth Avenue, on the same superblock as the Colonnade and Pavilion Apartments. The complex, part of a Redevelopment Plan, was composed of eight 13-story…

The Brick Towers was a public housing complex that consisted of twin 16-story buildings.

Baxter Terrace was one of the early public housing complexes developed by the Newark Housing Authority in 1941. It was known as the James M. Baxter Housing Development and named after the first African-American principal in the Newark school system.

Built in 1952, the Archbishop Thomas J. Walsh Homes consisted of 12 residential buildings, 9 of which were 8-story buildings and 3 of which were 3-story buildings.
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