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A figure of a mustached fireman, dressed in a fireman's uniform consisting of a knee-length buttoned and belted coat, and a helmet, stands holding a fire trumpet to his side with his proper left hand. He points upward with his proper right arm. The…

Barre Guild (On front of center column:) TO THE MEMORY OF/THOSE WHO GAVE/THEIR LIVES (followed by two columns of names) (On each of the outer columns is a column of names) /DEDICATED BY THE IRONBOUND MEMORIAL DAY COMM. JOHN F. GIOVADANO FOUNDER.…

Created by Karl Bitter Presented by the Prudential Insurance Company of America. Originally set over the doorway of the first Prudential building in Newark, New Jersey, 1892-1958.

"The Fountain of Knowledge was selected by Mr. Gammell as an appropriate motif for a mural decoration in a public library. The Fountain which appears in the center panel is guarded by Apollo. In the right panel the Nine Muses are seen carrying the…

This sculpture was commemorated on Memorial Day of 1926, eight years after World War I ended, but its intent was broadened to honor all of America's war dead. It is situated in Military park and is the work of the renowned sculptor John Gutzon de la…

Seated Lincoln is a memorial sculpture by Gutzon Borglum located in front of the Essex County Courthouse in Newark.
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