Sydenham House


Sydenham House



The Sydenham House is the oldest house in Newark. Built in 1711, before Newark obtained its city charter, it represents a prototype of an early American homestead. The house has a traditional salt-box style with one side of the gabled roof extending further to the back while the timber frame construction of oak and pine beams rests on stone foundations. This house occupies a prominent position being situated right across Branch Brook park.






Condition History

The house was built for newlyweds John and Susannah Sydenham around 1711. The house was expanded in 1836, with renovations done to the back portion, and the section's roof being raised. The house remained in the possession of the Sydenham family for 200 years and it was sold in 1954. Dorland and Elizabeth Henderson, owners of the house beginning in 1954, worked on the authentic restoration of the house. The Hendersons gifted the house to the Newark Museum in the late 1990's, but the museum declined because of the cost of upkeep. More renovations on the interior have been executed by present private owners to reflect contemporary living standards.



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