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Bethany Baptist Church
Cornerstone Baptist Church
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The Bethany Baptist Church is considered one of the most important African American religious institutions in Newark. Located to the west of Newark's Central Business District, the ecclesiastical building was originally constructed for the Fairmount Avenue Baptist Church in 1866-1868.





Condition History

The Bethany Baptist Church purchased the building on November 10, 1905, and introduced some retrofits in 1906. With the exception of some decorative items and furnishings, the degree to which the building was altered during the renovation remains unclear. The church building was sold to the Newark Housing Authority in 1971 as part of their redevelopment plans for the University Heights area. The present congregation, Cornerstone Baptist Church,occupied the building in 1976, and has remained there since as a tenant.



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National Register of Historic Places, Bethany Baptist Church, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, National Register #88000466.


Romanesque Revival


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