St. Barnabas Episcopal Church


St. Barnabas Episcopal Church


St. Barnabas Episcopal Church is an English Gothic Revival style church built in 1864 after a prior wooden-frame structure had been destroyed by fire. The church complex also includes a parish hall and a manse. This church occupies a triangular site in what is today the intersection of W. Market Street and Sussex Avenue. The church suggest a rustic imagery in the use of materials (a steep shingle roof and bronwnstone walls in irregular bond) and in the small scale. Its most interesting feature consists in the balancing of transept and nave (of same size) and the angular orientation of the overall complex in relationship to the street.
There were several additions to the original church design: in 1869 transepts were added, in 1913 there was an addition of the porch and heightening of the tower, and in 1930 a new sacristy was added. As a locally significant building which was built around the time when people started moving from Newark to outlying areas, its expansion is a clear demonstration of the increase in population in Roseville. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.





Condition History

The church was completed in 1864, but the transept was added in 1869. Later alterations were concentrated in the tower and porch portion in 1913, and a new sacristy and altar were added in the 1930s. Changes were made in the interior as well.


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National Register of Historic Places, St. Barnabas' Episcopal Church, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, National Register #72000785


Gothic Revival


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