Oheb Shalom Congregation


Oheb Shalom Congregation
Metropolitan Baptist Church


The Oheb Shalom Congregation building is the oldest extant synagogue in Newark. This building was constructed in 1884 and presents an eclectic combination of Gothic and Moorish styles. The Rose window and projecting tower coexist with horseshoe-shaped arches, twin finial-topped domes, and oriental details on the front facade of this free-standing synagogue. The stained-glass windows are ornate with Jewish symbols such as the star of David, the Torah and the Menorah.






Condition History

In 1941, it was purchased by the Metropolitan Baptist Church that installed an organ and redecorated the church to fit the new congregation. The building was purchased in 1995 by an organization called The Greater Newark Conservancy, who renovated the interior and exterior of the synagogue. In 2014, previously stolen stained glass windows were recovered, restored, and re-installed. Portions of the newly renovated and restored Conservancy were opened in December 2015.


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National Register of Historic Places, Oheb Shalom Congregation, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.


Islamic Revival
Moorish Style


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