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Newark Female Charitable Society
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The Newark Female Charitable Society used as its headquarters a three-story tall building located in Halsey Street. This structure was designed by R.H. Rowden, a local architect, in the Victorian Eclectic style with Romanesque features. The building is topped by a hip roof with a small gable in the main façade and tall chimneys on the sides. The predominant materials on the exterior, red brick and terracotta, define a Romanesque feel that is further accentuated by an articulated front entrance: a semi-circular arch resting on crocket capitals and pilasters. The arch is surmounted by a triangular pediment that bears this inscription: “Newark Female Charitable Society, organized in 1803.”

41 Hill Street is also a part of the Newark Female Charitable Society property. It is a three-story, red brick townhouse, which was purchased in 1912 to accommodate the expansion of the society's programming.






Condition History

This building continues to serve its social function and has been renamed “Newark Day Center” which provides after-school programs, a senior center, a health clinic and community-oriented activities.


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