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New Jersey review of charities and corrections. ... v.5 (1906)

A cost analysis of state costs for dealing with the insane in public hospitals in 1903-1904.

Description of the design and buildings that comprise the Hospital for Insane, Overbrook, N.J.

Documents of the One Hundred and Seventeenth Legislature of the State of New Jersey.

Report of the New Jersey Commission on the Care of Mental Defectives.

Annual report of the State Board of Education and of the Commisioner of Education of New Jersey with Accompanying Documents. This image is taken from a report of Dr. Guy Payne, the Superintendent of the Essex County Hospital for Insane. The image…

Hospital world; an international journal published in the interests of hospitals, sanatoria, asylums and public charitable institutions throughout America, Great Britain and her colonies. vol.2, no.4, 1912

Insane and Feeble-minded in Institutions 1910 By United States, Bureau of the Census

Insane and Feeble-minded in Hospitals and Institutions, 1904, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1906

"Laws Governing the Commitment of Insane Persons to the Essex County Hospital for the Insane" in Newark in the public schools of Newark: A course of study on Newark, its geography, civics and history, with biographical sketches and a reference index…
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